We are the second generation of a family business set up by Juan Reverter Castell in 1946. We started with works related to locksmithing, assembly and tube production for the installation of immersed equipment which was the start of our way to welding and fabrication and industrial maintenance. We’ve been developing over the years to get the trust of multinational corporations.

Nowadays we’ve developed new products for several uses from waste treatment to transport equipment because our goals are innovation and globalisation.

This evolution summarizes a philosophy of constant cooperation with our customers and partners to offer a solution adjusted to their needs.


Trustworthiness and trust in people

Human capital is the most important assets to Reverter and that’s why we take care of people, we invest in their formation and promote the respect, integrity and cooperation.

Professionality and order at work

We assume the responsibility of our work and we work for the constant improvement and professionality.

Energy to move on and for the progress

Self-improvement, flexibility and adaptability to different jobs and situations are our main qualities. We are creative into problems resolution and we opt for innovation with decisiveness.


Offer bespoke solutions and professionality in production, assembly and maintenance to make the customer feel part of it, as well as offering added value to the stakeholders and society, in general.


Reverter’s vision is to become an example in the markets of the south of Europe, strengthen the internationalisation already started and develop more efficient technologies about waste management to confront the environmental challenges in XXI century.

The management of quality and occupational risks prevention are two priorities for Reverter Industries. To this effect we count on some certificates that prove our efforts to stand out in these fields.

Prevention planification since the start of the project designing.

The initial evaluation of risks inherent to the work to develop, the appropriate preventive measures and the effectiveness regulation of them, are the basic components of the new focus of the prevention of occupational risks.

Our company has an active management system for the prevention, and it provides an agreement to eliminate any risk. This agreement is reached by taking measures to ensure the formation, participation and the raising awareness of all the members in the organization.
Our Prevention policy is based on:

  • Active focus on the preventive action instead of the correction one
  • Active agreement of the direction.
  • Involvement of all the members in the organization.