CTUP, CTXM and CTTR conveyors

  • Rubber or PVC band that runs past a sheet frame or steamroller, depending on the model.
    They are appropriate to transport big amounts of light sections (RSU, Paper, Cardboard, plastic…) by manual or mechanical selection, feeder exits, grinders, acceleration conveyors…
  • Fabricated with hot rolling supporting frames like UPN and LPN, with 4mm sheet steel frame or tubular, depending on the model.
  • Available with stainless-steel frame to use combined with steel dividers.
  • Units screwed or welded which are solid and strong.
  • Driving motor cylinder covered by 8mm rubber band its entire length.
  • TCylinder mounted on self-adjustable bearing brackets. The tensile drum has sliding bearing brackets on slides for the band tension.
  • The bands have gables in both sides to guide the transported materials.
  • The supporting elements are always adjustable in height.