Trommel TROM

  • It is suitable for the sifting of the industrial residues, containers, RSU and the refining of organic material.
  • They are provided by different diameters and sifting lengths, as well as sieves with geometric openings and sizes adapted to the metal, volume and the customer’s needs.
  • The Reverter trommel is different form the others because of its flotation system, in which the wheels are attached to a base that allows pivoting movement, laying on a pneumatic cushioning, which allows an improvement against the traditional systems.
    The shock absorbs the differential when the product comes in the cylinder, which has some advantages like

    • Less vibration on the frame and hinged covering.
    • Less noise.
    • Lighter frame.
    • Less effort on the wheel’s axes. Less maintenance and breaking.
  • The cylinder is composed by a self-supporting structure with beams its entire length like HEB or UPN. The screens are screwed to ease its maintenance and all the sheets are wearing steely which will make them last even more.
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance thanks to the doors in both sides of the fairing and the access ramp to the cylinder which allows access to the interior and exterior of the screens.