TCCA and TCCL conveyors

  • They are made of two endless chain strands that drag metallic plates on which we fix the rubber band resistant to grease and oils. They are suitable to feed waste compactors, start of selection lines and grinding unit exits.
  • Metallic dragging components are placed on the belt to allow the material transport.
  • The structure is made of pieces or subsets, individually treated in its fabrication and painting process, screwed together as well as the wearing rolling steel sides and the chain sides in corners.
  • Good access to sides to allow cleaning or maintenance thanks to the design of their screwed components.
  • The sides are standard height which ease the assembly of upper hooks and are equipped by adjustable screwed profiles to be completely adjusted to the conveyor’s belt.
  • The conveyors can be provided by different types of dragging chains depending on the model and the load. DIN8167 chain (200 mm), M160 (160mm) or MD6 chain (125mm).
  • These models are prepared for big loads of work with one or two reinforcing rails to increase the resistance against impacts.