Reverter Industries’ facilities cover a surface area of 14,000 m2, with 3,500 m2 in shop floor, and are equipped with several overhead cranes and high-tonnage machinery to carry out large-scale projects.

REVERTER offers design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after-sales services.

The welding department is one of the key areas of work for the company, whether for metal fabrication, assembly or industrial maintenance. We have various equipment: welding robot, welding column for tanks and pipes, machinery for different welding types: TIG, spool semi-automatic, and arc.

  • FANUC continuous welding robot
    • 1 welding column, 4000 mm high and 4000 mm radius
    • 1 fusion welding machine for fastenings and bolts
    • 18 spool semi-automatic welding machines
    • 19 arc welding machines
    • 5 TIG welding machines

Our facilities are equipped with 8 overhead cranes distributed among our 4 industrial workshops.

  • 1 2 tonne overhead crane
  • 1 3 tonne overhead crane
  • 3 5 tonne overhead cranes
  • 1 8 tonne overhead crane
  • 2 10 tonne overhead cranes
  • 2 jib cranes

We have various machines and equipment for cutting materials that adapt to the requirements of the job. This equipment includes a shearing machine, band saws, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machine and air carbon-arc gouging machine.

  • 1 high-definition mixed oxy-fuel and plasma cutting machine
  • 2 plasma-cutting machines, for up to 25 mm
  • 2 plasma-cutting machines, for up to 12 mm
  • 3 band saws for up to 440 mm height, 600 mm wide
  • 1 800 A air carbon-arc gouging machine
  • 1 3 m shearing machine, cutting up to 12 mm

We work in custom metal fabrication. The jobs we perform vary greatly so the machinery we work with needs to allow us to work both thin and thick sheet metal. For this reason, we have two plate and profile benders, two press brakes, a hydraulic press and a punching machine.

  • 1 three-roll plate bender, 2500 mm wide, 45 mm thick, 4,500 mm diameter
  • 1 three-roll plate bender, 2000 mm wide, 8 mm thick
  • 1 automatic press brake, 2000 mm wide, 90 tonne
  • 1 CNC press brake, 4000 mm wide, 200 tonne
  • 1 100 tonne hydraulic press
  • 1 profile bender
  • 1 GEKA HYDRACROP 110 AD punch machine, 610 mm throat

Most manufacturing projects require posterior cleaning and treatment of the manufactured piece at the end of the process. To offer this service, we have blasting, painting and washing equipment

  • 2 blasting machines
  • 2 painting equipment
  • 2 wet spray machines for metal surfaces
  • Optional galvanising of materials used