We’ve got a wide experience in preventive and corrective maintenance in cement paper and chemical industry.
We offer a high-quality service with qualified professionals and a strong commitment to the customer. Lots of customers have been trusting us for many years.

  • We’ve got qualified professionals and homologated welders according to the ASME code, section IX; for welding in TIG according to the law/rule 287/1-288/1/2/4-1992
  • Moorings/anchoring and bolts arc welding with ceramic/pottery
  • Oil installations’ legalization according to IP-03 e IP-04
  • Pressured appliances legalization according to current regulations
  • Heating and sanitary hot water installations’ legalization according to RITE

In the maintenance area, Reverter offers:

  • Welding
  • Assembly and repairing rooves
  • Assembly, repairing and protection for metallic structures
  • Metallic structures and cement cleaning through sand blasting in our installation or in the customer’s place of work.
  • Metallic structures painting
  • Installation dismantling
  • Organisation of industrial stands

We also provide the machinery and equipment’s adaptation to the current security regulations.