Reverter Industries distributes Maschinen-& Landmaschinenfabrik Husmann GmbH grinding equipment in Spain.

Within more than 60 years of experience, Husmann uses all their Know-How and faculties to develop and offer the best solutions as possible.

In the equipment portfolio we can find:

  • Grinders. Husmann grinders are fabricated in different sizes and with different kinds of propulsion.
  • Secondary HFG grinders with high speed hammers to obtain a homogeneous, thin, clean material because of its hitting and perfect lining up system between the sieves and the hammers.
  • Secondary HFZ grinders offered in static and mobile form. These grinders stand out because they give us a grinded thin material ready to be used in incineration, pellet and briquette fabrication…
  • Primary HL grinders with one or two shafts in low speeds., which are appropriate for the process of house residues, industrial residues, wood, biomass, paper or other valuable materials.